St Johns House

The Trust

The St John’s House Trust (Bridgend) is a registered charity, formed in 2012 with the intention of securing the house, which was then unoccupied and unused, on behalf of the people of Bridgend as a focus for local heritage.

The Trust started opening the house on a regular basis, while leasing it from the owners, The Old Buildings Preservation and Restoration Trust, St Albans. This gives all of those interested in Bridgend’s heritage or in Tudor buildings the opportunity to enjoy this amazing 500-year-old survivor from 1511.

The Trust opened the house to the public twice a month until the onset of COVID. We reopened in June 2021 and continue to open, free of charge, on the second Sunday and last Saturday of each month. 

In 2023 the Trust had raised sufficient money to buy the house from the owners, securing its future. Our intention is to address the accessibility issues with some form of ramp at the entry point and a tower with a lift at the back of the house, to enable all of our visitors to enjoy both floors of the house. This will take a lot more fundraising and achieving it will be dependent on obtaining money from various funding bodies.

We rely on grant funding for major works but, for day-to-day running costs, we have a range of fundraising activities – story-telling events, monthly quizzes and, of course, donations from our supporters and visitors.

In Bridgend there are four Grade II* listed buildings, Newcastle Castle, Newcastle House, St Iltyds Church and St John’s House, all within the Newcastle Conservation area, we see St John’s House becoming a heritage hub for Bridgend.