St John's House Timeline...

c. 1826 - 1886

  1. 1826 - Charles Llewellyn & Evan Reece.
  2. 1827 - Charles Llewellyn & Robert Loughor
  3. 1828 Lease & release between Charles Llewellyn and the Revd. Hancome and  William Lewis.
  4. 1841 & 1851 - the census shows that the property was unoccupied.
  5. 1886
    Abraham Lewis & William Thomas signed Conveyance & Indenture document.

c. 1791
22nd/23rd November
No:20 & 22 Newcastle Hill

Lease & Release of these dates respectively the

release made between...

Walter Coffin & Thomas Williams of the first part,

Rees Roberts of the second part

and Charles Llewellyn of the third part.

Owen Philipps b.1863 d.1937.
(Family connected to Slebech & Picton Castle).

He was invested as a Knight of Grace of the order in 1912. The first meeting of the Welsh Chapter in Clerkenwell. Recorded as acting Sub Prior he gave the Hospice of St John at Bridgend to the Order.

c.1919 - 1952

  1. 1919 - 3rd November
    Mr Abraham Lewis to the Trustees of the Order of St John dwelling Houses Nos 20 & 22
  2. 1934
    Georgian shop front extension demolished
  3. 1934
    Bell found in drain identified as being post-medieval, dating to around 17th-18th century
  4. 1952
    Listed as a Listed Building

c1980’s - 2012

  1. 1980’s
    Caretaker extension demolished.
  2. 2012
    St John’s House Trust formed

c. 1511
Sample of wood from beams have been identified, by dendrology, as having been felled in 1511/12. The green oak would have been used to build the house soon after felling. ’Earliest date to be associated to the building described by the Royal Commission as A ‘

      Town House of unusual quality of its type’.

               A hearth -passage house in style & plan with a storeyed porch ( later enlarged) .                           Hall, with single room open to the roof above, central passage separates the                                 hall from twin service rooms with carved Sutton Stone doorways quarried

                      from Ogmore.

                      Main Chamber (service end) has a loft above, carpenter marks in beams.

                    Three mural stairways with carved stone window stair lights.