Here's what our recent visitors thought about their visit

Alun Smith

"Your dreams and ideas for St John's are so varied, inspirational and downright entertaining. Whoever though of putting on a promenade performance of Th...e Merchant of Venice needs a big pat on the back! We look forward to more of the same!

Here's hoping that the publics knowledge and understanding of St John's goes from strength to strength, together with their realisation that there's also financial implications to keeping this historical building afloat and renovated - you need all the help you can get.

In that respect St John's House is very much on a par with our local Post Office - USE IT OR LOOSE IT! Good luck for the future!"

Joy Law

"A gem of a place and such enthusiasm from the volunteer staff"

Kate Perry

"what a fab place, never knew it exsisted, really interesting and the volunteers there are awesome, massive thanks for being so helpful and welcoming today"

Gaynor Ball

"Very impressed with this fantastic building. I never realised it was so big inside! What a wonderful educational resource to have on our doorsteps"

Loraine Ledwell

"Just attended my first (non open day) event and was astounded at the hard work that went into this storytelling evening.

What a fab venue! Will definitely be looking for me in the future!"

St John's House - Bridgend - South Wales

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